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Guidelines for Families considering A MEMORY TREE _____________________________________________________________


Create a living memorial
And play a vital role in Suffern's downtown revitalization

Thank you for your interest in the Memory Tree program. Our Tree Committee will be happy to help you select the best site. They'll also work with you to arrange for a simple dedication marker, which accompanies your tree - as well as oversee the planting and marker installation.

Selecting the Appropriate Tree:
Donors may select one of the following trees, which will measure 6' to 8' in height for new planting. The Adopt-a-Tree program is limited to existing trees, which are all Ornamental Pear Trees.

Ornamental Pear Trees:
Lafayette Avenue in Suffern is lined with the ornamental pear, the Most frequently used tree in the village. Well adapted to downtown Areas, the ornamental pear features white blossoms in the spring.

Flowering Cherry Tree:
Graceful, flowing shape. Large pink flower clusters in May. Bronze/red fall foliage.

Planting Your Memory Tree:
Experienced village employees will plant the tree. Using village equipment the hole will be dug to the appropriate depth, soil will be refurbished, and additional fertilizer will be added to the hole. Planting can only be done Monday through Friday when it can be coordinated with the availability of village vehicles. Planting in July/August is not advisable due to the risk from heat and drought. Spring/early summer planting and fall planting are very successful.

Selecting a Location for Your Tree:
Initial planting will be incorporated into Suffern's Downtown Revitalization Plan. Various locations have already been designated as available sites. No sites on private land can be considered. (Please Note: Certain areas of the village have very narrow sidewalks or underground wiring, which must remain accessible. These areas are, therefore, unavailable for planting.) See map at Village Hall for available locations.

Memorial Markers:
The memorial markers for all trees that are affixed to grates in the Central Business District, shall be eight inch by six inch bronze plaques. These plaques are to be furnished and installed by the vendor and are to be bolted and glued to the grate. Trees in park areas rather than in the Central Business District may use bronze markers or alternative markers, which will be black letters on gold laminate eight inches by eight inches, set in a concrete slab one foot by one foot.

All markers shall have three lines:
Line 1 - is limited to: 'In Memory Of', 'In Celebration Of', or 'In Honor Of'.
Line 2 - shall be a family name or the names of persons in the same family but limited to one line.
Line 3 - shall be limited to the month and year the tree is planted or in the case of an adopted tree, the date the plaque is installed.

Cost of the Tree:
The cost of the Memory Tree and accompanying marker is $425.00.
The cost covers the price of a newly planted tree with a three year warranty, plus the cost of the memorial marker. For the 'adopted' trees, the cost covers the value of a replacement tree plus the cost of the marker. All money for the tree and marker comes from the family. The cost of planting and maintenance will be borne by the village.

Trees that can be adopted as of May 1, 2012:

On the south side of Lafayette Avenue going westward from Washington Avenue:
1. East of entrance to Lafayette Theatre
2. East of entrance to Lafayette Theatre
3. East of entrance to Lafayette Theatre
4. Just west of 95 Lafayette Avenue
5. 89 Lafayette Avenue
6. 81 Lafayette Avenue
7. 75 Lafayette Avenue
8. 59-61 Lafayette Avenue
9. 55 Lafayette Avenue
10. 53 Lafayette Avenue
11. 47 Lafayette Avenue
12. 41-43 Lafayette Avenue
13. 39 Lafayette Avenue
14. 33 Lafayette Avenue
15. 31 Lafayette Avenue
16. 27 Lafayette Avenue (Eagle Super)
17. 25 Lafayette Avenue
18. 23 Lafayette Avenue (Marcello's)
19. 23 Lafayette Avenue (Marcello's)
20. 17 Lafayette Avenue
21. West of DaNina's
22. West of DaNina's

On the North side of Lafayette Avenue going eastward from Orange Avenue:
23. 4 Lafayette Avenue
24. 12 Lafayette Avenue
25. 14B Lafayette Avenue
26. 16A Lafayette Avenue
27. 18 Lafayette Avenue
28. 22 Lafayette Avenue
29. 26 Lafayette Avenue
30. 28A Lafayette Avenue
31. 34 Lafayette Avenue
32. Priya Restaurant
33. North Fork Bank
34. North Fork Bank
35. 66 Lafayette Avenue
36. 72 Lafayette Avenue
37. 76 Lafayette Avenue
38. 80 Lafayette Avenue

 Memory/Celebration Trees Planted as of January 10, 2013:

Corner Lafayette/Chestnut

Memory Tree: Diane Damon Morang: Donor - Damon/Morang Family & Suffern Civic Assn.

Avon Park

Memory Tree: Margaret & F.H. Roesler: Donor - Peggy Errico

Memory Tree: Gattuso Family: Donor - Gattuso Family

Memory Tree: Margarite Quinn: Donor - Quinn Family

Lafayette Avenue

Memory Tree: Donald Aronow: Donor - Gail Aronow Kaufer

Memory Tree: Bill & Gene Magurno: Donor - Magurno/Colbath Family

Memory Tree:  David & Alice Eng:   Donor - Eng Family

Lafayette/Orange Avenue Park

Memory Tree: Ruth Ann Jones: Donor - Sheila Rees Foster

Celebration Tree: Gianna & Marissa Geberth: Donor - Thom Velto

Memory Tree:  Mona Meehan Riley:  Donor - Riley Family

Memory Tree:  Randy Harris Sirino:  Donor - Sireno Family

Memory Tree:  Nancy Tichenor:  Donor -  Tichenor Family

Directly Across from Village Hall Entrance:

Celebration Tree:  The 50th Reunion of Suffern High School Class of l962

To the Left of Village Hall Entrance:

Celebration Tree:  Suffern Mounties 2012 NYS Div I Hockey Champions

Download the A Memory Tree Application from the "Downloadable Forms" page.

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